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​Our Story


     Our story started in the summer of 1989 when Daniel spotted Jessica at the drive-thru window of the neighborhood Dairy Queen.  His sister Susie also worked at that Dairy Queen and when he spoke of the pretty girl he had seen, she stopped him in his tracks with the dreaded words “forget it Dan, she’s only sixteen!”  Ouch, what a letdown. 

     Fortunately, Susie would strike up a great friendship with Jessie that summer, and so she would become a familiar site in his life.  He really did like her, despite her age, and even set her up on a date with one of his younger coworkers.  That did not work out with her, as she had her sights on someone else, him.

     They all went to a Browns game in early December; with below freezing temperatures and heavy winds, Danny and Jessie were “forced” to share a blanket and get quit close together to keep warm.  This was to be the precursor.  Later that month, at his mother’s Christmas party, more and more heat was been transferred between them, and they kissed for the first time.

     They would never be apart after that day.  A few weeks later, they went on their first date.  Two years later, to the day, he took her away to a resort in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where he published this story in the local newspaper:




























     Of course she said yes, and they were married on September 17th, 1994.  They bought a house in Charlotte, North Carolina where Jessie finished College with a BSN.  After a few years in critical care, they decided to rent out their house and travel around the country for a few years to find a place to raise a family.  Using a travel nurse company, with Danny transferring with his company, and with their cat “Mr. Kitty” in tow they first moved to Sacramento, California, and then in San Diego, the perfect place for them, but for a family?  Next they spent a winter in Denver, but much too dry.  They moved back east and spent a summer back in Cleveland.  They loved it, but, remember the winters!  So back south they went, to Charleston, South Carolina, a great town, but maybe a bit small?  Next they decided to spend the summer in Boston, but oh my, they were pregnant with a child.  They really enjoyed their time in Boston, but decided, of all the places they had traveled, Charlotte would be the best place to raise a family.

      On January 8th, 2002, their daughter Lauren was born a surprise because they had decided not to find out the child’s sex.  They moved to a new house just off of Mountain Island Lake in Western Charlotte, and Jessica went to graduate school to further her degree.  In December of 2004, Jessica graduated once again, but now armed with a Master in the Science of Nursing and became a CRNA, or Nurse Anesthetist. 

     Less than two years later, they were again pregnant, and again decided to wait for the surprise.  This summer, Mr. Kitty, at twelve years old would fall sick and die.  What a loss, as he was such a wonderful companion for so many years.  On October 13th of 2006, they had a baby boy, and Dan, armed with the naming rights, called him Calvin. 

     Now we are a family of four, and we love to travel.  Dan and Jessie are just a few states away from having visited them all, while the kids have each visited at least half.  Our actual goal however is to visit the world.  The kids have each been to almost fifty countries, while Dan and Jessie have just passed sixty!


We hope that anyone reading this loves travel as much as we do!


Happy Traveling!!!


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